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KABOOM: Trump Ready To Launch A FEROCIOUS Executive Order…The UN Is Petrified!

President Donald Trump is no friend of the United Nations, that’s for sure.

Others aren’t, either; you may recall Ted Cruz dropping one hell of a bombshell on the UN and former president Barack Obama.

And as for that whole Obama/Israel/UN ordeal, the less said about that gigantic mess, the better. If Obama didn’t have many enemies when he took office, he certainly has plenty of ’em now.

I mean, what the Israeli Prime Minister said to Obama some weeks back is just BRUTAL. And shockingly honest, of course.

Now, while campaigning, Trump spoke in harsh terms about the many members of the UN with outright hostility toward Israel. And he also spoke about the inability for America to grow economically strong while abiding some of the global body’s treaties and agreements, including ones dealing with climate change.

And as president, Trump is taking action that is not going to make the United Nations very happy.

Basically, he’s going to sign a couple executive orders reeling in the U.N.’s power and saving the taxpayers bunches of money.

“The New York Times reported Wednesday the first order, dubbed ‘Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organization,’ would cut funding for any U.N. agency or other international group that meets any specific criteria,” Fox News reported.

The Times reported that the criteria include any organizations that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or any related groups, programs that fund abortions and any program that goes around Iran or North Korea sanctions. The order would also halt funding for any group that is connected to state sponsored terrorism or has links to human rights violations.”

This is probably the first time in years that America’s conservatives are going to see some reform in terms of taking back sovereignty from the United Nations. And this isn’t only a boon to the taxpayer’s purse and pocket.

Oh no, it’s also a dramatic switch from the foreign affairs policies seen over the last eight years, under former president Barack Obama. The message under Obama was always to seek U.N. approval for U.S. policies, and to cater to every financial demand the global body asked of the United States.

That didn’t work out well for Obama, by the way. Even Democrats hated him for it.

Trump’s plan?

It’s a message that goes more like this: America first and foremost, and Israel is our staunch ally. What a refreshing change of international policy course.

Source: Fox News

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