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BOOM – Trump Needs Only 77 Days To Fix Something Obama Spent 8 YEARS Destroying

People are LISTENING to America!

That is somewhat of a shock these days; especially considering all the terrible decisions made by the Obama administration.

Our former leader often ignored massive issues, one of which just resulted in an immense loss of lives, a catastrophe that should never have happened.

During Obama’s reign, one trusted us, not a single country feared us, nor did ALLIES even consider using our resources when they chose endeavors on their own borders in the way of national security.

It was an embarrassment for the country and a shame for our heritage. We were a great nation, once upon a time, that was unabashedly pro-Israel, pro-Democracy, and anti-despotism.

Then, along came the spider named Obama who spun his webs of deceit around the vaunted halls of Washington, D.C., spurned Netanyahu and the Jewish people, and worked to tear down Democracies across the Middle East, while dancing, dining, and dallying with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Eric Bolling of Fox News decided that in all the time that Obama spent belittling his own country, he did something pretty efficiently: diminishing America!

Independent Journal Review:

“’On one hand, now you have a conservative Supreme Court [Justice],’ Bolling said.

‘On the other hand, even though I disagree with attacking Syria with military force, he acted … very decisively, we talked about it all day. But more importantly, for me, is that he did it with Chinese President Xi right next to him.’

Bolling argued that Trump’s decision to bomb Syria also sent a firm message to hostile countries like North Korea, and even let China know ‘who they are dealing with.’

But Bolling concluded the show like this:

Let me phrase it this way: 2,920 days to diminish America’s standing on the world stage, 77 days [and] President Trump got it right back to where it should be.‘”

Not a bad 77 days when Trump can turn the entire economy around on a dime, shore up the lagging military, work to delete Obamacare, and undo some of the most ridiculous government overreach legislation ever concocted by a political party!

Imagine what’ll happen when he finally reaches his first 100 days…

Source: Independent Journal Review

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