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Donald Trump, GOP Reveal Plan To Crush Obama…Liberals Are Freaking Out!

Well, the race is on for Bloomberg Politics to compete with all the other mainstream media outlets on who can attach the most damaging policy and agenda news to the Republicans before they officially take control of the White House in January.

The Congressional Review Act (a bill originally penned by Newt Gingrich himself in 1992 following the Contract With America revolution that brought the House of Representatives under Republican control for the first time in nearly 40 years) is the focus of the article that details all the life-saving and necessary laws and measures that the Obama Administration has enacted that may now be in peril…the race is on for Trump and the GOP to stop the madness!

Bloomberg Politics:

A number of rules will be targeted using the Congressional Review Act, a law…that provides an expedited procedure for canceling rules issued in the final months of an administration. It’s been used successfully only once, and top GOP lawmakers say they have about four months to act.


The tone of the article is typical of the Progressive pattern for alarmist propaganda:

1) Name your target (which is always the Republicans)
2) Name the victim (which is always the children, the elderly, the environment, the gays or transgenders, the poor, the polar bears, the Muslims, or the globalists)
3) Name the weapon (which is always Republican laws, guns, words, notions or ideas)
4) And finally, name the solution (which is always shaming the Republicans or warning them that doing a, b, and c will lead to their not being reelected)

The drivel regarding how Republicans are going to poison the air, earth and water, as well as hasten the demise of their precious Gaia through man-made Climate Change, is nearly enough to make you throw up in your mouth.

Fortunately, when jobs start returning to the private sector by virtue of curtailing massive regulation, articles like these will be replaced with more jovial ones; like “Too Few Unemployed!” and “Trump Has No Plan to Scale Back Jobs Growth Rate!”

Wishful thinking.

Source: Bloomberg Politics

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