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Horrifying: Trump Haters Drop Bombshell Threat On America…Trump Team Panicking! [WATCH]

Is this America or a third world nation run by Sharia law?

Because if it’s America – and given the prevalence of U.S. flags flying, that’s pretty much a certainty – then this latest threat to the Donald Trump inaugural day festivities, as vowed by the far left, has absolutely no place in the country.

We’ve known for a while that liberals are going to turn the place into a zoo come Friday, and we also know that Leftists might be the most hypocritical humans alive. “Believe as we do or we will LYNCH you!”

Want proof of that?

Look at this, a shocking and threatening promise from protesters planning to disrupt Trump’s inauguration. Project Veritas shot an undercover video that should turn the stomach of anyone who watches.

“This particular video revealed that members of a group known as the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition intended to conduct a sort of acid attack on innocent attendees at one of the special balls the night before the inauguration, known as the “Deploraball,” to be hosted at the National Press Club Building in Washington, D.C.,” as Conservative Tribune reported.

The protesters apparently were discussing how they might sneak a small amount of butyric acid into the building’s ventilation system.

At the very least, they wanted to trigger the building’s sprinkler system, and clear the building of attendees that way. They called it a dousing of a “deploraball,” as it would first douse guests with freezing water and then send them into the cold streets to suffer.

Project Veritas actually brought the video to Metropolitan Police to investigate. But in the meantime, this is outright anarchy.

Can leftists be so hateful they would take the chance of harming an elderly innocent, or a young child, just to express their vile condemnations of Trump? Apparently. You know, it’s one thing to protest and express political differences in a way that bands together those of like minds for maximum impact, and in a way that upholds the basic principles of the First Amendment and the right to peaceably assemble.

But it’s quite another to plot an attack. That’s something that’s done by terrorists, to advance a religious-political doctrine. One wouldn’t expect the left in America to have fallen to such levels of depravity and criminal mind…and yet, here they are.


Source: Conservative Tribune


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