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Trump Slams Hillary With 8 BRUTAL Words…Then She Whines Like A Bratty 8-Year-Old!

The ongoing war of words between President Donald Trump and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton isn’t over.

In fact, it might just be getting started.

And that’s primarily because, like most Democrats, Hillary is incapable of taking responsibility.

She has blamed just about everyone and everything under the sun for her election loss, including the tiresome Russia/Putin narrative. She’s even turned on members of her own staff.

Not once has she fessed up and said, “it was me.” The worst part is that many liberals agree that Clinton was the wrong candidate and there are several very good reasons why she lost…and none of them have to do with the Russians.

During a recent interview, Hillary said she “took responsibility for her decisions” (whatever that means) but still refuses to admit SHE lost the election. And Trump had just one reply to that:

Clinton complained about the Democratic National Committee and former FBI Director James Comey, among other things, but she still didn’t claim personal responsibility.

Those who DON’T have their heads buried in the sand aren’t surprised. It’s merely indicative of the Leftist ideology: When you’re in the wrong, never admit it. Like you’re a child.

Like when the clueless Left accused Trump of being Hitler and those with first-hand knowledge corrected that insane accusation. Did any liberal admit the mistake? Of course not.

Is it any wonder that immaturity and refusal to accept responsibility now reigns? It’s what happens when you let the Democrats take charge.

And Hillary’s follow-up Tweet confirmed that:

Obviously, it’s a jab at Trump’s much-publicized typo on Twitter a few days ago. And of course, this is your standard playground retort.

Rather than admitting what everyone – even those in your own party – want you to admit, you simply sling back a pointless insult.

Oh yes, those liberals are just SO superior to all of us, aren’t they?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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