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Breaking: Trump Administration Makes HISTORY, America Celebrates Wealth EXPLOSION!

You know, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a Liberal outfit will ever change it stripes or compromise its core idiot beliefs for the sake of the TRUTH.

They just can’t stop. The liberal media has been out of control for years and at this point, if they don’t change, the American people will simply turn against these heavily biased, unreliable news outlets.

But even the leftist media can’t stop this from being awesome news.

Remember when Trump got Toyota to commit $10 billion to the U.S. economy? The left found a way to spin that, and they’re doing it again-

In an effort to prove that a Democrat was responsible for as great a Wall Street rally as Donald Trump currently is (because they simply cannot deny straight facts from today’s financial headlines) they opted to go all the way back to Lyndon B. Johnson to say that his post-Inauguration rally was the best yet seen (except for Trump’s of course…but they won’t actually say that).

Fox, by the same token, disputes the figures being touted by CNN, claiming a rally this big actually goes back even farther…and with one key difference. William Taft, the president for which Fox News is claiming had a bigger post-Inauguration bump on Wall Street, was a Republican.

Either way, the U.S. economy is SOARING:


“CNN also reported on Feb. 16 that the DJIA, S&P and Nasdaq indexes ‘soared to record highs on Wednesday, the fifth-straight day of all-time highs.

The growth comes amid negative media coverage of the administration, so ‘Wall Street is apparently betting that tax cuts and deregulation are still coming, because despite Trump’s troubles, Republicans still control the White House and Congress,’ CNN said.

Either way, Trump is grabbing credit for the rising stock values.

Fox News, however, used data from the Wall Street Journal to show that the Dow Jones Industrial Average group of companies has risen by 4.02 percent since inauguration day.

That’s the best 30-day, post-inauguration performance in 108 years, or since the DJIA rose 5.07 percent in the 30 days after President William Taft put his hand on the Bible in March 1909, says Fox.

The bad news for CNN is the good news for the country. My heart bleeds for you CNN. I’m so sorry for your loss (election loss, that is).

Trump has been boosting the economy from day one and this includes a monumental $450 billion gain a few weeks back. That’s just one of DOZENS of positive economic moves, by the way.

So, battle away CNN and Fox. The latter is probably right but again, either way, America is on the way UP.

Source: Breitbart

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