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WHOA! Trump Just Nailed THOUSANDS Of Illegals Obama Protected…Now It’s DEPORTING Time!

Illegal immigrants occupied no man’s land during the Obama administration.

On the one hand, they were not offered citizenship or the same status as an immigrant who arrived here legally.

On the other hand, the cases that would have deported them were “administratively dismissed,” so they were allowed to stay.

The result is that these people are neither lawfully in our country, nor are they subject to deportation.

So what is their status? Can they get a driver’s license? Often not. Can they get a Social Security number so they can legally work? No.

In other words, Obama’s policy left these people, some of whom are dangerous criminals, in limbo. And of course, Americans are paying for that in more ways than one.

But things are changing under President Donald Trump, and illegal immigrants as well as the courts that adjudicate their cases are feeling the pressure.

Via Reuters:

The Trump administration has moved to reopen the cases of hundreds of illegal immigrants who…had been given a reprieve from deportation, according to government data and court documents reviewed by Reuters and interviews with immigration lawyers.

Trump signaled in January that he planned to dramatically widen the net of illegal immigrants targeted for deportation, but his administration has not publicized its efforts to reopen immigration cases.

It represents one of the first concrete examples of the crackdown promised by Trump and is likely to stir fears among tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who thought they were safe from deportation.

Once again, Trump has to clean up the mess our former commander-in-chief left behind.

On the one hand, Obama was unwilling to properly enforce the immigration laws because of his single-minded liberal desire to destroy national borders.

On the other hand, he was unwilling to do what he really wished to accomplish, and that is bestow blanket citizenship or permanent resident alien status on these illegals.

So, as we came to expect from Mr. Obama, he just put the problem on the end of a stick and let it hang there for someone else to deal with.

And by the way, Obama has the gall to continue to insult Trump, which is just beyond comprehension.

Source: Reuters

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