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YES! Trump Just Closed 1 GIGANTIC Immigration Loophole – Illegals Get SHUT DOWN!

President Donald Trump has been working tirelessly to protect America from the ceaseless onslaught of illegal immigrants.

Just recently, he reversed another of former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies that ticked off plenty of liberals.

But we have to do something. This problem has been out of control for far too long.

Increased and “more rigorous” vetting is near the top of the list and now, the Trump administration has done something ingenious that should help us keep our borders safe.

In this day and age, the internet and social media have immense power, and illegal aliens have long since used this power to gain access to our country.

But according to a new Fox News report, U.S. visa applicants are going to have to cough up their social media information.

The Trump administration has approved a new questionnaire for U.S. visa applicants that asks for social media handles and accounts used during the last five years and travel history, including the source of funding for trips, over the last 15 years…

The State Department requested expedited consideration and ’emergency review’ from the Office of Management and Budget on May 5 for the new visa application protocol.

Fox News can confirm that OMB has approved the new measures.

The State Department proposed new measures for U.S. visa applicants worldwide in order to ‘more rigorously’ evaluate applicants for terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.


A State Department official added that collecting this additional information “will strengthen our process for vetting these applicants and confirming their identity.”

Fake identities are another massive problem, as one bleeding heart liberal figured out the hard way.

In order to take advantage of absurdly lax immigration and refugee policies, immigrants will frequently lie about who they are and their situation, which is why vetting MUST get tougher.

Furthermore, the State Department will request phone numbers and email addresses used during the last five years, address and employment history for the last 15 years, and names and dates of birth for all children.

Yes. Learn as much about these people as humanly possible before granting them access to our country!

Source: Fox News

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