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Shock Report: Trump Impeachment Bombshell Explodes…Democrats Have Declared WAR!

Disclaimer: Leftist Lunacy Lurks at The Huffington Post (nothing unusual there, just a clarification)

You have to hand it to Robert Kuttner: it’s not just anyone who can write an article and come off sounding like Gollum trying to convince himself to steal the Ring from Frodo.

Fortunately for the Right, this is exactly what his Huffington Post piece sounds like. At least he has the wherewithal to admit that the recount effort, Operation Threaten Electors, and the Supreme Court Annulment push were all failures because…well, because they were pure idiocy (not his words, but mine).

Where to begin…

Huffington Post:

“These moves, indicative of magical thinking, make Trump’s opposition look a lot weaker than it is―at a time when the stakes for the Republic could not be higher. There will also be marches and demonstrations, but they will also look weak unless they have a strategic focus.”

Alright, sir, first things first: Trump’s opposition IS weaker. Have you not noticed that the party of the Jackass has been pushed to the outer limits of the country?

Secondly, it’s too late for the marches and demonstrations. They’ve already proven to be an excuse to destroy property and loot businesses (I’d call them Vikings, but that would give Vikings a bad name).

Let’s move on, shall we?

“In his dalliance with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s actions are skirting treason. John Shattuck, former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and former Washington legal director of the ACLU has pointed to the constitutional definition of treason: a crime committed by a person “owing allegiance to the United States who… adheres to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.” By undermining further investigation or sanctions against the Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, Trump as president would be giving aid and comfort to Russian interference with American democracy.”

Dalliance? I’m not sure, but I believe that word officially went out of vogue in 1754. Mr. Kuttner seems to be privy to information that even our intelligence agencies have not seen. The Russian manipulation of the 2016 election has never been proven, as evidenced by the recent 13-page 356-word Joint Analysis Report.

That aside, what of President Obama’s “dalliance” with the United Nations in trying to enforce Anti-Israel Resolutions? And of his $350K taxpayer-expense account to fund counter protests to the “democratic” re-election bid of Benjamin Netanyahu?

You must also know that the rest of this pile of tripe goes into a very Reader’s Digest condensed version of the Watergate scandal with the express purpose of demonstrating that Trump is Satan compared to Nixon. There is also a bit of a reference to the way that Nixon used intelligence agencies and the IRS to “get back” at his political enemies.

Can you say “IRS targeting of Conservative Tax-Exempt Groups”?

To conclude this sad manifesto, Mr. Kuttner writes:

“Trump will commit impeachable offenses. There is no way to contain him other than removing him from office, before the damage to our democracy is irrevocable. The process of building the impeachment case needs to begin now.”

Amazingly, the recipe for impeachment is riddled with implications of what Trump might do, may do, or probably will do, but his case is far from compelling.

One thing we know for certain: the word “dalliance” should never be used in regular conversation.

Source: The Huffington Post

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