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WHOA: Trump Inauguration Fireworks Explode Early…Look Who’s Showing Up!

Will wonders never cease?

This must have been the single hardest decision a certain former presidential nominee ever had to make. First, she was upstaged by a man named Bill Clinton, and then she was upstaged by another man named Barack Obama. Now, it seems, she will be upstaged by a man whose very name means “one-upping” another. This woman has absolutely no luck.

But it doesn’t end there.

In a statement released by a former president and his wife, a certain presidential duo also confirmed that they will be attending the Inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th. This makes a little more sense but having both at Trump’s inauguration should be intriguing…to say the least.

In the end: Both the Clintons and the Bushes will be attending Trump’s Inauguration!  As for Hillary and Bill, apparently, according to a Democrat elector, it would have been in bad taste for the Clintons to snub the new President-elect.

Via HotAir:

“The Clintons also announced today they would be attending the Trump inauguration. A brief story at New York magazine relying on sources within Clinton world said the couple had consulted with ‘trusted advisers and friends’ and finally decided to attend “out of a sense of duty and respect for the American democratic process.”

It wasn’t just advisers and friends who urged Clinton to go. Last month a top Democratic donor told Politico, ‘It would be especially bad if the Clintons did not attend, because it seems like they do not support the transition of power.’ The donor added, ‘It would be petty, they have to suck it up. [Hillary] has to go as a former first lady. She will sit prominently.'”

As well, former President Jimmy Carter will be attending the event. We will have to hope and pray that he won’t be latching on to the new president in an attempt to convince him that Israel will devour our children.

And wouldn’t everyone like to see another brief Hillary vs. Donald bout, even if it’s in jest…? C’mon, it’d be FUN.

Source: HotAir

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