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ROASTED: Trump Declares War On Lewis, Drops Two Of His Most Explosive Tweets EVER!

This is what’s known as “dropping the hammer.”

Ready to stand and applaud?

By now, everyone knows that if he’s attacked, whether by the media or by a politician, Trump is going to take to his social media platform, or whatever other podium happens to be handy at the time, and retort with something scathing, something biting and something that just shuts down the other side.

Once again, this has occurred.

Trump responded to Rep. John Lewis, the Democratic congressman from Georgia who’s made a career out of pressing for far-left causes and who attacked the president-elect as illegitimate, in a Twitter rant. If you haven’t seen Lewis’ little speech about how Trump isn’t “legitimate,” it’s right here:

Yeah, it’s about as ridiculous as you’d expect.

Now, as Breitbart found, Trump has fired back on Twitter:


Lewis said he wasn’t going to Trump’s inauguration – boo hoo. That’s not a big loss for those who are going. But Lewis’s opposition to Trump is just ridiculous, and showcases the insanity of the left and inability to accept the fact Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

If Lewis wants to believe the Russians put Trump in the White House, that’s his prerogative. It’s a free country. But for him to use his congressional office to make that political statement and sell it to his constituents and others who are watching and listening is just a travesty, outrage and abuse of power.

Get over it, Lewis. Trump’s the president and the only recourse now is to wait for the next White House election, a little less than four years from now.

Source: Breitbart, Donald Trump Twitter

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