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BREAKING: Trump Lands Massive Jobs Deal…Obama Humiliated, American Workers Celebrating!

Donald Trump has yet to take office and he’s already making good on his promises.

For most of 2016, the President-elect’s campaign involved creating more American jobs and keeping American companies on their native soil. The much-publicized Carrier deal, which allowed over a thousand U.S. citizens to keep their jobs, was only the beginning.

Trump has long-term plans to maintain and cultivate employment for Americans, and this includes punishing companies who wish to go overseas, and granting companies tax breaks for sticking with the U.S.

And as the economy is of the utmost importance in most people’s minds, Trump is definitely doing something very, very positive. Perhaps the latest news is the most encouraging yet:


According to a new Wall Street Journal report, SoftBank has announced that they will invest $50 billion and bring 50,000 jobs to the U.S. We don’t have concrete details on the types of jobs that will be created but hey, jobs are jobs. Already, in a vintage Trump move, he Tweeted that the deal would never have happened if he hadn’t won the election.

Son offered this fantastic quote:

“I just came to celebrate his new job. I said, ‘This is great. The US will become great again.'”

If you’re wondering, SoftBank is the second-largest telecom by market share in Japan; only rival NTT is bigger. Shares of T-Mobile jumped around 2 percent after the SoftBank announcement, as Son has recently targeted the firm for a takeover.

More funds, more jobs, more progress. Maybe the Democrats forgot what “progress” means but thankfully, blissfully, Donald Trump has come along to remind them. And us.

America WILL be great again!

Source: The Wall Street JournalBusiness Insider

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