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FINALLY! Trump Makes 1 HISTORIC Move, INSTANTLY Improves The Lives Of Our Heroes!

Citizen Obama has kept busy around the world, hasn’t he?

He makes lofty (and expensive) speeches and quotes himself while in office about his struggles to make America a better place.

In his many speeches, however, he fails to mention the domestic issues he completely ignored, especially those that dealt with veterans and police officers.

In both cases, he seems to have had a massive chip on his shoulder in regards to those who served, and did little to help their families.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a very different view of our police officers and the armed forces. His appreciation for those brave men and women is very, very real.

And of course, actions speak louder than words.

Fox News:

President Trump said Friday he was ‘very happy’ to sign into law two bills that would provide help to members of law enforcement and veterans.

Seated at a table in the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room, Trump approved a measure giving priority for federal grants to those federal and state law enforcement agencies that hire and train veterans.

‘We are behind you 100 percent,’ he said to the public safety officers and vets at the ceremony.

The American Law Enforcement Heroes Act and the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act is the product of a bipartisan effort by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.


The second measure – the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act – takes steps to reduce the backlog of families awaiting approval of survivor benefits of public safety officers killed in the line of duty.”

Our president added that it was entirely “unacceptable” that injured officers have suffered, and that children of fallen officers haven’t managed to go to college.

And at the same time, we’ve got insane snowflakes saying all black students shouldn’t have to pay for tuition…for no other reason than skin color, which, of course, is the very definition of racism.

Thankfully, we now have a president who is proactive and cares for those who have the most dangerous jobs in the country.

This will undoubtedly be overlooked by the mainstream media, but not by the people.

Source: Fox News

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