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BREAKING: Trump Wants This LEGENDARY Star To Perform At His Inauguration…Americans Are Cheering!

The left may be moving to disrupt the Donald Trump inauguration any way possible, but those on the right don’t seem to be paying much attention.

No, for the GOP, it’s PARTY time. And so far, there’s at least one big name being talked about for musical performances at the big event.

So, who’s on tap to perform at the biggest celebration of the year for the Republican party? Which artist is a fantastic fit? Well, we all have our opinions and personal preferences, but it’s hard to dispute this guy’s country-wide popularity.

And it’s interesting that he actually a primary performare at Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration… See? Equality!

As Reuters reported:


“Country singer Garth Brooks is in talks to play at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this January, Reuters reported.

And that’s a pretty big score. Not only is Brooks a big musical name but he’s also someone who performed for President Obama – and that makes him nonpartisan.

Still, it’s not yet a definite.

“Garth has performed for the five living presidents,” his publicist, Nancy Seltzer, said according to Breitbart. “While rumor has it that he has been asked to perform for President-elect Trump, he has not been able to commit yet.”

Brooks was the main performer at Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, along with Bruce Springsteen, U2, Beyonce and Stevie Wonder.

Other big name talents for Trump’s inauguration haven’t been released yet. But don’t be surprised to see Brooks on stage in the end.

“It’s always about serving,” he said, Breitbart reported. “It’s what you do.”

Source: Reuters

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