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Outrageous: Trump Shocked By INSANE Criminal Charges…Our President Is Under Attack!

They’re already after President Donald Trump’s head.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter that he is clearly on a massive “America comes first” kick that has resulted in a series of orders and decisions that most civilians are cheering.

And it doesn’t matter that billions are pouring into the U.S. economy, mostly because Trump is sitting in the Oval Office.

People continue to gun for the new commander-in-chief and this time, someone actually wants to SUE Trump for violating the Constitution. Which I find somewhat amusing, as former president Barack Obama did that on a daily basis.

Top 10 Violations of the Constitution, Obama Style:

10. The Chrysler Bail-Out
9. Obamacare Implementation
8. Political Profiling by the IRS
7. NLRB Recess Appointments
5. Assault on Free Speech and Due Process on College Campuses
4. The Clean Power Plan
3. The WOTUS Rule
2. Net Neutrality
1. EPA’s Cap-and-Trade

And during the last eight years of unconstitutional actions by this president there was not a peep out of the legal community nor the watchdog groups who were there, ostensibly, to protect Americans and their rights.

Now, however…

The Huffington Post:

“A government ethics watchdog filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against President Donald Trump, claiming that he is violating the Constitution by enriching himself off of foreign governments through his global business ties.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is represented in the lawsuit by a number of prominent law professors, a leading progressive Supreme Court lawyer and ethics experts who have worked for both Democratic and Republican presidents.

The suit was filed in federal court in Manhattan, where the Trump Organization, Trump’s business empire, is headquartered. The suit alleges that Trump “violated the Constitution during the opening moments of his presidency and is poised to do so continually thereafter for the duration of his administration.”

So, these professional Progressive hacks are now under the gun because they have to prove to the Liberal judge that they have somehow been negatively impacted by Trump’s so-called violations.

That will be a tall order, but if this judge has anything to say about it, I’m sure he’ll give them every benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post continues to deal in loose reporting and innuendo. Here’s an example:

Ethics watchdogs and public policy experts have called the conflict of interest posed by Trump’s complex, opaque global business entanglements ‘unprecedented.’

Opaque? Like Obama’s School Transcripts? Entanglements? Like Hillary’s ties to Wall Street, Russian Uranium Deals, and the Clinton Foundation Pay-For-Play Schemes and Speaking Fees?

Both of these reporters are obviously well-trained Liberal monkeys who have been thoroughly vetted for their Left-leaning bias in order to pass the first and only hurdle for The Puffington Host.

This lawsuit is yet another bogus attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, eventually leading to the rallying cry for impeachment. It follows the failed “recount effort”, the “Russians are responsible for everything bad!” storyline, and the “Trump Won’t Release his Tax Returns” drumbeat.

It is without merit, as usual, and will result in even more reprisals by the voting public who will just disbelieve even more of the prejudiced “news” outlets. But maybe, when all is said and done, Trump’s overall approval rating will top Obama’s, which we just discovered was PATHETIC.

Be prepared, because this is going to be a weekly story until the court finally rules it…stupid!

Source: The Huffington Post

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