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WOW – President Trump Goes Nuclear, Drops GOLIATH Sledgehammer On FBI!

President Donald Trump isn’t exactly the shy guy in the room.

When he says he’s going to rebuild our nation’s woefully flagging military, he means it. And nobody is going to stop him from doing it (thankfully).

He’s not going to hem and haw and delay. He’s not going to “play politics” with the media and the American people. He’s going to say exactly what he means and that’s that.

He has violent criminals in his sights, and he routinely takes to Twitter to unload on some poor unsuspecting snowflake. He bars biased media from press conferences because he wants the nationwide brainwashing to stop.

So, when the FBI stepped away from its law enforcement role and waded into political waters, Trump totally threw down the hammer on Twitter, as cited by Western Journalism:

No really, President Trump. Tell us how you feel.

Trump’s tweets come after CNN reported how the FBI refused to step forward and offer an independent opinion about the communications that went forth between Trump’s team and Russian officials during the 2016 campaign season.

Trump says all the conjecture about untoward discussions is based on partisan hopes to take down his administration.

So Trump actually asked the FBI to step in and investigate – something, it might be noted, an innocent man might very well do. And how many times has Trump totally annihilated the opposition on this subject?

But the FBI’s response? Nope.


So now, expect this: The media’s going to continue to go out of its way to attack Trump about Russian communications that may or may not have existed, about Russian discussions that may or may not have taken place, and about Russian influences that may or may not have impacted both campaign and election times.

And you can count on one thing:

As the discussions go forth, and few facts from the FBI are forthcoming, the media will quickly take it on itself to run with the “may” side of things and conveniently, very conveniently, ignore the “may not.”

Source: Western Journalism, Donald Trump Twitter

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