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KABOOM: Trump Drops MAMMOTH A-Bomb On Obama Team…The Truth REVEALED!

President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of underhanded, thug-like techniques.

Democrats love such methods, of course. The recent blowup over the Obama administration’s possible Georgia cyberattacks during the election…? Just one example, of course.

These people will try anything, anything at all, to keep the liberal propaganda train rolling, and they really don’t care how the train gets its momentum or who it crushes.

But when Trump sees Democrats acting like the children they often are, he steps up. He calls them out for behaving badly, which is precisely what SHOULD be done by a proper leader.

Now, he has gone after leftist “leakers” who produced transcripts of the president’s telephone conversations with leaders of Australia and Mexico; as you might expect, those transcripts (likely doctored) weren’t too flattering.

In speaking to Fox News, Trump called the leaks “disgraceful” and his team was searching “very, very hard” for the leakers, who Trump says are “holdovers” from the Obama administration that are still serving in the White House:

It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country. It’s a very dangerous thing for this country.

The president said that media reports of what seemed to be angry exchanges between the two foreign leader were mistakes, and said the talks had in fact been “positive.”

As for the ongoing immigration issue, Trump recently scored a massive court decision but all sorts of hurdles still exist. However, Trump’s team vows to clear them all and he has one simple message to everyone:

I just want a safe country, and you can’t have a safe country with open and weak borders…you can’t.

True. As of now, the FBI says there are “1,000” ongoing investigations into potential terrorist threats but currently, the bureau lacks the necessary manpower to properly handle them all.

This is the sort of thing that has to change if we desire a secure country, which is why so many Americans are very, very thankful that Donald Trump is in the White House.

As for the leakers…better watch out, because Trump’s team WILL find you…

Source: Fox News

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