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WOW: Trump Annihilates Obama One Final Time…It’s The ULTIMATE Humiliation!

The man who controls the media is the man who REALLY runs the country.

Now, while the far-left, obviously biased, fake-news-spreading mainstream media will probably always loathe the new President, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump has their attention. He has everyone’s attention.

Want proof?

Well, what more proof do you need than the previous year? Anything Trump did was big news; anything he said got plastered all over the internet and print media. It was all scrutinized with a massive microscope, typically aimed by liberals to find as many character flaws as humanly possible.

I mean, Trump couldn’t do anything to avoid the spotlight, which, in retrospect, was probably a carefully planned campaign tactic. Yeah, he was just being himself but there was definitely some strategy there.

But perhaps this is the ultimate piece of proof that Trump has shut down Obama ENTIRELY, as stumbled upon by Rush Limbaugh (via Western Journalism):

Barack Obama did his farewell address last night, and it’s totally gone. Every bit of the oxygen has been sucked up by Donald Trump, even though it was a fake news story. There’s not a syllable being spoken since last night about Barack Obama’s farewell speech.

Yeah, did everyone notice that Obama’s farewell address sorta got swept under the rug? There were a few minor headlines out there but it was hardly blowing up; social media barely acknowledged its existence.

As Limbaugh added- “But, man, not a question from the media, ‘What did you think of Mr. Obama’s farewell speech?’ Not one. There wasn’t one reference to it whatsoever.”

Absolutely true and indicative of a critical fact: Trump has this country in his back pocket now. Anything President Obama does in his last few days is either old news (and likely bad) or just plain irrelevant.

It’s a sign that America is long past ready to move on, and they’ve chosen their commander-in-chief. Onwards!

Source: Rush Limbaugh, Western Journalism

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