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Trump Throws Down Obamacare Hammer…Makes Stunning Promise To America!

Trump is looking for a little R & R these days…

No, not rest & relaxation. That man never sleeps!

We’re talking about Repeal & Replace! Obamacare is on the chopping block as early as next week and that will mean an uphill battle that’s more difficult than stopping Obama, Reid & Pelosi shoving it down our throats in the first place.

Millions of Americans were harmed in so many different ways by this monstrous piece of government control excrement, and even more businesses either cut their employment rolls or their associate hours in order to merely keep their heads above the dirty Obamacare sludge waters.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, Obamacare mandated the hiring of thousands more IRS agents just to keep up with all the ill-gotten booty they were anticipating from the hard-working (and not-so-hard-working) families and individuals who would be zapped with this bad mojo!

And all the while, Obama, Pelosi & Reid smirked and smugly winked at each other knowingly when they forced through the plan to which they, themselves, would not be beholden. Throw in a little well-timed guilt trip to a certain Supreme Court Justice and voila!

To quote Dr. Frankenstein, “It’s alive!”

The Washington Post:

“President-elect Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would like to see the Affordable Care Act replaced nearly immediately after it is repealed, weighing in on a contentious debate among congressional Republicans about how to move forward on the issue.

Trump commented on the debate in an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday. He noted that he expects Congress to move forward with an effort to repeal the controversial health-care law widely known as Obamacare soon, and he is not in favor of an extended delay in replacing it, which some Republican lawmakers had proposed in an effort to buy more time to come up with a workable plan.

‘I feel that repeal and replace have to be together, for very simply, I think that the Democrats should want to fix Obamacare,’ Trump said. ‘They cannot live with it, and they have to go together.’”

The odds that the Democrats will be able to derail this Repeal Train are virtually nil. They are determined to make it look as though millions will suddenly contract the Bubonic Plague should the Republicans “get away with this sinful act.”

But as is always the case, Liberals will parade their victims up and down the aisles like some surreal catwalk of the bizarre, and then the Republicans will have their chance to say, “Enough is enough!”

“On Tuesday, Trump transition spokesman Sean Spicer insisted that a replacement plan would lower costs and expand choice. Trump’s aides have also said that he would not support a plan that left Americans who currently have insurance without it.

‘He’s not only committed to repealing Obamacare, but making sure we do replace it with a plan that does exactly what Obamacare was supposed to actually do, and that is, as I mentioned, lowering the cost for all Americans and doing so in a way that doesn’t limit their access to either their plan or — or their doctor,’ Spicer said.”

Many of the Conservative base are not on board with this Replacement deal but as everyone is quick to remind us, we wouldn’t even be close to this Repeal if it wasn’t for Donald Trump.

And really, something needs to be done. Rapidly.

Source: The Washington Post

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