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Trump Annihilates Obamacare With One Explosive Tweet…Americans Are Cheering!

The healthcare situation in this country isn’t pretty.

And it isn’t pretty because Obamacare has problems. Well, in point of fact, many would say it’s a complete disaster, as the Affordable Care Act has met with widespread criticism, even from the Democrats.

From the start, President-elect Donald Trump has been saying he will address the crippling Obamacare issue right out of the gate, which is good news for all Americans. More good news today, as he kicked off his Tuesday by making a perfectly blunt statement that sums everything up:

He followed that with:

Republicans have been working to repeal Obamacare legislation but unsurprisingly, they’ve always run into Democratic blockers in the Senate and of course, Obama himself will have none of it. That guy has never once admitted when he screwed up, anyway.

This will be a complex road for Trump and Co. but it must be traveled. Trump’s team is behind him one hundred percent on this journey as well, and to appease the Democrats, counselor-to-the-president Kellyanne Conway told NBC’s “Today” that Trump is “committed to retaining those pieces [of the Affordable Care Act] his advisers say are working.”

Yes, well, there aren’t many such pieces. Let’s just hope this all gets sorted out sooner rather than later.

Source: Politico, Donald Trump Twitter

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