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Trump Drops 9 Of The Most PATRIOTIC Words EVER…Then Liberals LOSE THEIR MINDS!

In a continuing threat to our democracy, our sovereignty, and our Constitutional rights, Liberals have been attempting to change the way we see religion in this country.

President Trump is no stranger to how the Left works and is an expert on how far (and how low) they will go to shut down endeavors that follow God’s teachings and our purpose here on Earth.

Maybe this is why he and his staff take a moment for prayer for every week.

Maybe it’s also why Vice President Mike Pence had to unleash the TRUTH about Christianity last week, much to every liberal’s chagrin.

The bottom line is that Trump and his team will continue to remind Americans that we are indeed “one nation under God.”

In his very first commencement speech, Trump addressed the students of Liberty University on Saturday.


“’America has always been a land of dreams because America is a nation of true believers,’ said Trump who then referred to the pilgrims landing at Plymouth.

‘Because in America we don’t worship government, we worship God,’ he said.

He recognized that United States currency bears the phrase, ‘In God We Trust’ and referenced ‘One nation under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance.

‘We must always remember that we share one home and one glorious destiny,’ said Trump.

Trump was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree ahead of his speech.”

The president touched on many subjects, including Liberty University’s rich history of churning out future military leaders who enter the world ready and able to protect American values.

He also told students to remember to reflect on their many blessings.

Trump was very open about his battles in Washington, D.C., telling graduates to be strong and rely on God’s Word to march forward toward a bright future that they will have a hand in creating.

And just recently, his wife invoked the name of God several times in addressing military mothers around the nation. Yes, THIS is the America some of us remember!

Source:  Breitbart

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