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Breaking: Trump Reveals Plan To Fix Something Obama WRECKED…Veterans Are Cheering!

Veterans organizations around the country have put their faith in a liar!

Those who have faithfully served our country have received poor treatment over the past decade, and that’s an understatement…and again, they have to rely on a liar.

That’s the assessment of HotAir writer, Ed Morrissey, when he discusses the current Secretary of Veterans Affairs, John Alan McDonald.

McDonald was appointed by Barack Obama to head this department, but it has come under fire within the last year for scandals regarding timely care and waiting periods for the very sick.

“Thus far, veterans organizations have pressured Trump to keep Barack Obama’s appointee Robert McDonald in the VA post. That’s all but inexplicable; McDonald has made few changes to the VA, which continues to produce nightmarish outcomes, and flat-out lied about firing people to hold them accountable for earlier abuses. He’s continued to lie about it, and Obama himself lied about it two months ago, too. McDonald represents the status quo that Trump pledged to terminate, and it should start with McDonald’s termination on January 20th.”

With only two open positions remaining on his Cabinet, Trump must make a decision on whether to appoint someone with political nuance, or someone with intimate knowledge of veterans and their issues.

Morrissey makes the case for the Pete Hegseth, saying his leadership could produce “exactly the kind of bold action that Trump promised during the campaign.” Furthermore, Trump’s plan is as follows:

President-elect Donald J. Trump is considering a plan to allow military veterans to opt out of medical care at Veterans Affairs hospitals and instead see private doctors of their choosing, a senior transition official told reporters here on Wednesday.

This is precisely what we need; an overhaul of a system that doesn’t work very well, and needs desperate attention. The VA has been a running joke for far too long!

The veterans in this country are some of the most selfless and honest people you will ever meet in your lifetime. Being a veteran myself, I am always honored when people at random thank me for my service; yet my service pales in comparison to those who served and fought before me.

While I am proud of my time in service to my country, and I know that the American people (by and large) support our troops and veterans, I also believe that our government is in sore need of a swift kick in the rear when it comes to taking care of those who secured their safety in this great land.

God Bless our Troops!

Source: HotAir, New York Times

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