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Explosive: Trump Will Unleash A GARGANTUAN Power Move On Day One…Obama Is Fuming!

The changes, they are a’coming.

And according to Donald Trump, who’s just days, nay hours, away from stepping up the White House steps and assuming his hard-won seat of executive power, they’re actually coming pretty darn fast.

We need to work fast to repair the damage left by Dictator Obama, and that’s one of the reasons why Trump doesn’t see his upcoming inauguration as a celebration of champagne and celebrities.

No, this is about serving the American people and to do that, our new President has to get started immediately.

That’s why on day one, Trump is planning to undo a lot of actions that Obama took over his past eight years of presidency. Yay!

He’s got a few of [executive actions], probably in the area of four or five, that we’re looking at for Friday,” said Trump spokesman Sean Spicer, Reuters reported. “Then there are some other ones that I expect him to sign with respect to a couple of issues that have been high on his priority list.”

Well, hallelujah wrapped in Thanksgiving dinner. It’s like Christmas, Hanukkah and all the major American holidays come ’round on a wintry day!

After eight long years of Obama rule – or is that Obama reign? – the pen and phone president is finally being sent away; he’s being handed his suitcases and shown the front door.

And now comes Trump with a vow to “Make America Great Again,” combined with the boldness to not care who stands in his way. With Obama gone, the first things to go will be several hated executive actions. Which first? Well, there are several that come to mind:

Maybe he’ll choose to reel in the size of Obama’s just-declared national monuments. Or, kick to the curb a couple of amnesty-like orders. Or maybe, send the Department of Education to rewrite its pro-transgender bathroom bills for all public schools so that traditional genders are once again recognized and upheld.

The list seems endless, doesn’t it? That’s because Obama’s done a lot of executive damage. But with Trump, we have a ray of hope, a ray of sunshine, in fact, and it won’t be long before the country starts seeing a government that acts in much more controlled fashion.

Yep, it IS like Christmas!

Source: Reuters


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