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Just In: Trump Executes UNBELIEVABLE Power Move – Taxpayers INSTANTLY Save BILLIONS!

For Republicans, the Gold Standard of the Presidencies was Ronald Reagan.

For Democrats, it was Bill Clinton.

Obviously, there’s a stark difference in the two men and their social and economic policies.

For starters, Reagan cut taxes, despite having a Democrat controlled Congress, whereas Clinton (who had built upon the higher tax base of George Bush 41) only dropped the tax rate AFTER he lost the Congress to the Republicans in 1994.

As for cutting government spending, Reagan had limited success in that department due to the Tip O’Neill influenced Congress and their unwillingness to give a Republican president both tax cuts and spending cuts.

Now, President Trump is all about cutting taxes and slashing a bloated government; he has already planned MASSIVE federal cuts, for example.

But he’s going to go a step further; our new commander-in-chief is promising to outdo even Reagan when it comes to budgeting and tax cuts.

Allen B. West:

“Donald Trump’s proposed budget was made public on Thursday, and it shows a radical reorganizing of the federal government’s priorities (while keeping overall spending the same).

There would be major increases in military spending to turn up the heat on ISIS, and in the homeland security budget to fight illegal immigration. These spending increases would be offset by cuts in other areas of government.”

Out of 21 departments/areas of the government, Trump is cutting all but four!

The Social Security Administration will be raised by 0.2%, Veterans Affairs by 5.6%, Homeland Security by 6.8% and Defense by a whopping 10.0%!

You may recall Trump’s huge executive order that allocated a whopping $54 billion to the country’s defense. And frankly, at this point, our protection is absolutely the #1 priority, so we applaud this move.

This is a huge departure from the Obama administration which had increased nearly every department in the government, except for Veterans Affairs and Defense.

The tax rates would also be a thing of contention for the president. He is dead set on not only lowering taxes across the board, but setting up a triple bracketed tax system that would simplify the deranged and overly complicated tax scheme currently in place.

When Trump is done with these two magnificent tasks, the Democrats can pretty much kiss their political futures goodbye for the next eight years and beyond.

Source: Allen B. West

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