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Breaking: Trump Preps LEGENDARY Power Move…Taxpayers Will Save BILLIONS!

Let’s see, how has President Donald Trump already helped America…

Well, right out of the gate, he saved the government a stupendous $200 BILLION by slashing regulations, something that desperately needed to be done after a bloated Democrat government.

But it didn’t end there.

He also saved American taxpayers a boatload of cash by forging a historic deal with Lockheed Martin for 90 F-35 fighter jets. This deal has never been done for a lower amount, people. Never.

And now, Trump, the man with a mission of making America great again, has just announced another praise-worthy policy that’s been a long time coming.

Western Journalism:

Trump pledged Thursday he will soon unveil a ‘phenomenal’ tax cut plan.

The announcement must have sent Dems into a tail spin.

Their normal inclination is to hike taxes – and not just hike them, but hike-hike-hike them. But elections are around the corner, and seeing as how tax cuts are popular with the people, it might be dicey for Dems to go on record as opposing Trump’s rollback.

Hmm. It’s a nail biter, all right.

On one side, you’ve got Trump, and all the hateful, racist, misogynist, and so forth ugliness that his presidency brings, at least in the eyes of the left. But he’s offering up tax cuts, dangling the reform package like a sardine swinging above a cat. (That’s a saying, right?)

And on the other side, you’ve got elections. And let’s be serious. Democrats got their butts handed to them this past contest. On a platter. So the trick, no doubt, is to make the tax cuts about something else.

And voila, there we have it.

Hey, remember when Trump stopped the $221 million “gift” Obama was going to send to Palestine? This president is GREAT at saving money, isn’t he?

Trump, in the coming days and weeks, will be bringing up a myriad of ways for the American worker to keep more paycheck money. But look for the Democrats to oppose. Their argument? To save the environment.

More money in the hands of the people equals more disposable income to shop, equals more trips to the mall – equals more greenhouse gas emissions released into the air from all the extra car trips to the shopping plazas.

Save the environment. Stay home. Coming to a bumper sticker near you.

Source: Western Journalism

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