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WHOA: Trump Says HELL NO To Presidential Perk Worth Billions…Taxpayers Rejoice!

Donald Trump is just a greedy businessman. Donald Trump is all about money. Donald Trump only cares about himself.

…and yet, one of his first moves as president might be to deny himself an unnecessarily upgraded mode of transportation.

Sure, Air Force One is essentially iconic in and of itself. And nobody is saying the President of the United States should fly around in a rundown old 747. But the new President-elect isn’t about to dump an obscene amount of money into something no taxpayer will be able to appreciate.

According to a recent New York Times report, Trump has criticized a pending order for a new Air Force One, saying Tuesday on Twitter that the upgrade is simply too expensive. In fact, it would cost over $4 billion.



Mr. Trump told a reporter that he thinks it’s “ridiculous” and though Boeing should make money, he thinks they’re “doing a little bit of a number” and they shouldn’t make “that much money.” He already has a nicely outfitted 757 so really, $4 billion might not be an essential expenditure.

However, security might become an issue, as they may not like the idea of Trump keeping his own plane. And the current Air Force One is indeed aging, as the last two were delivered during the George Bush era.

Boeing apparently remains committed to the deal but it’s clear Trump is very serious in his objections. This means he could nix the whole deal once he officially takes office in January and at that point, maybe liberals will stop calling him “selfish.”

Oh, well, they’ll certainly find other names. No matter how often Trump proves them wrong.

Source: New York Times

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