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HORRIFYING: Trump Protest Explodes In A Firestorm Of Blood And Fear…This Is SICK!

We knew liberals were going to act like the anti-American, unpatriotic pigs they are on Inauguration Day.

We know these people are blatant hypocrites. We know that while they run around preaching tolerance and kindness, they’re really just thugs with clubs who are, in point of fact, the very definition of modern-day Nazis.

We know they’re capable of just about anything, which is why Washington has been on high alert for weeks and is on ULTRA high alert today.

Yeah, some far-leftist out there is reading this and freaking out (anger that turns to violence in your “peaceful” protests, right?) but maybe they need a bite of a reality sandwich.

Check out what happened at the so-called “Deploraball.” This disgusting mess was best captured by Gateway Pundit and trust me, it’s beyond shocking:

Getting hit in the head with a flagpole…nice.

Getting pummeled with eggs. Classy.

Bloody and beaten. Very “tolerant.”

Police forced to deal with “peaceful” Trump protesters.

Just a small sampling of what’s been going on in the last 24 hours. And if this doesn’t prove that these people need to be LOCKED UP, nothing will. Adolescent thugs throwing a violent temper tantrum, nothing more.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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