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BOOM – Trump Annihilates Obama AND Radical Islam With One COLOSSAL Power Move!

President Trump has given our enemies a name.

It’s the name they deserve: Radical Islamic Terrorists.

And he is taking stride after stride to ensure their evil eradicated from the face of the earth; in so doing, he will help guarantee the safety of Americans and other peace-loving citizens around the world.

This is quite the 180, isn’t it?

Prior to Trump, we had a President who never, ever said the words “Radical” and “Islam” in the same sentence. That alone is somewhat telling and in a lot of ways, suspicious and even terrifying.

But Trump isn’t afraid to reverse these cover-up policies. He has already replaced the military code word for ISIS the Obama administration put in place, which further proves our commander-in-chief’s dedication.

Now, he’s poised to wipe out another Obama-era hurdle in the effort to destroy Radical Islamic terrorists once and for all.

Via The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s national security team may lift Obama-era restrictions on counter-terrorism missions outside of active war zones, The New York Times reports.

Trump previewed this possible new strategy in early March by designating Yemen as an ‘active area of hostilities,’ which allows the Pentagon to aggressively target al-Qaida without White House approval.

Trump’s team may also give Somalia the same designation to target al-Qaida affiliate al-Shabaab, responsible for the 2013 WestGate massacre in Kenya.

The center of Trump’s discussions revolve around U.S. acceptance of civilian casualties in counter-terrorism strikes and raids, and how to factor in that risk when weighing a strike against an active target.


Obama’s rules stipulate that cabinet officers must agree on the threat posed by a target before a strike is approved, along with a broader inter-agency process.

The new rules would instead target terrorists under military protocols which allow for some civilian casualties as long as they weighed proportionally by the commander responsible for approving the operation. 

The loosening of drone strike protocols couples with broader counter-terrorism policy changes by the administration including a change in rules of engagement in the fight against ISIS, more leeway for Pentagon commanders considering ground raids, and increased willingness to use military force.

Obama kept protecting terrorists and even invited them onto U.S. soil, all under the guise of “tolerance” and “political correctness.” That is a policy that has resulted in far too many innocent deaths.

Thank God Trump is going to reverse these inane, insipid policies so he can PROTECT OUR COUNTRY!

Sources: The Daily Caller, The New York Times

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