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BREAKING: Trump On A Rampage, Says Disgustingly Biased Media Forces Him To…

Donald Trump does Tweet a lot.

Some love it, some hate it; while the Democrats and liberals are quick to slam Trump’s Tweets, there are many who appreciate the candor and brutal honesty. See, when you’re living under the viciously restricting thumb of political correctness, freedom of speech isn’t always granted.

As for why Trump takes to social media: The new President-elect believes it’s necessary to defend himself and if a certain institution in this country did its job, he wouldn’t have to spend so much time on sites like Twitter.

As we all know, various news networks like CNN have been accused of being pro-left throughout the previous presidential election, and Trump’s allies have been more and more vocal after their victory.

Now, according to a Politico report citing Trump’s 34,100th Tweet, our new president has made it plain. He has blamed the media for inciting “professional protestors,” called out CNN and The New York Times, recently went after “Saturday Night Live” (for being biased and unfunny), and in short, never hesitates to make his feelings known.


And there’s a very simple reason for it:

“If the press would cover me accurately & honorably, I would have far less reason to ‘tweet,’” Trump wrote in a Twitter post Monday morning, apparently blaming the media for his inclination to tweet his unfiltered thoughts rather than communicating through more traditional means like statements via press releases and interviews.

“Sadly,” Trump added, “I don’t know if that will ever happen!”

Trump’s supporters have defended the Tweets, while the opposition has declared the activity isn’t “presidential.” In response to whether or not Trump was in fact being presidential, senior advisor Kellyanne Conway had the perfect reply:

“Well, he’s the president-elect. So, that’s presidential behavior, yes. …shall we review for those who weren’t born then what President Clinton did in the Oval Office?”

At some point, we’re all going to have to admit that the media’s agenda has been clear and even blatant in recent years. This is not the way the media is supposed to operate; the first thing you learn in journalism school is that a good reporter never has an opinion.

Yeah, well, these people have clear opinions and despite it being a cardinal sin of news reporting, they’ve never hesitated to slam Trump and the Republican party. So yes, if they can act that way, Trump can certainly throw up a few Tweets.

Source: Politico

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