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President Trump Tells A Reporter She Has A ‘Nice Smile’ – Liberals Immediately Go Berzerk

The left is getting desperate in their attacks on President Trump.

Not only that, they are getting downright silly.

It’s as though they’ve milked the non-story of the alleged Trump-Russia connection for all it’s worth and have come up with nothing, so now the plan is to manufacture absurd accusations.

The left doesn’t like Trump’s comments. In fact, they are calling them offensive; doesn’t even matter what he meant, or what the words actually were.

As we know, the situation often defines how a remark should be taken, but when you’re THIS desperate to create controversy, just about any comment is fair game.

So while the President was engaged in a phone call, he complimented a female reporter on her nice smile. Yes, that’s it. Her smile. He also called the Irish press “beautiful,” which is another no-no.

See, according to the left, he is officially a sexist and a creepy predator.

…they must not have much to report on. And they all must be too young to remember the Bill Clinton administration.

Via Independent Journal Review:

President Donald Trump briefly paused his phone call with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to compliment a female reporter’s ‘nice smile,’ almost immediately sparking allegations of ‘sexism.’

“While on the call, Trump singled out Caitríona Perry, the U.S. Bureau Chief for Ireland’s RTÉ News.”

Even those who are not fans of the president recognized this as a non-event.

Others decided to make fun of the media for their making a big deal out of nothing.

When President Trump’s opponents have to create issues where there are none, you know they are getting desperate for something about which to criticize the president.

Good news for President Trump indeed.

But at least Trump continues to do his job, and this includes battling the immense illegal immigration problem. Maybe when he’s done with that, he can officially tackle the political correctness insanity.

The latter has gone so far out of control, people are just going to end up staring at their feet and mumbling. Don’t want to offend anyone! Could get sued!


Source: Independent Journal Review

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