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Trump Only Cares About The Rich? WRONG – Our President Just Did Something AMAZING For Our Blue-Collar Workers!

Michigan is one of those states that has been voting predominantly liberal (i.e., wrong) for the past couple of decades.

That is, until Donald Trump came along with his swagger and his love for all things American.

Granted, it still isn’t a good idea to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat in various parts Michigan, though it probably wouldn’t be as disgustingly transparent as when that reporter did it in NYC.

But even the MI Democrats have to admit that Trump is doing good things in their state.

Just before the election, Trump made a tremendous push in those states that appeared to be tilting in his direction. Many of them had been run into the ground by the aforementioned Democrats, and the citizens had become disenfranchised with the Party of the Jackass.

When the numbers began to finally roll in and it looked like Donald Trump would be elected the 45th President of the United States, Michigan was among those that was up in the air regarding which way it would go.

As we now know, that northern state voted for Trump primarily on the issues of national security and jobs. Good thing, too, because U.S. jobs is precisely what Trump has been adding in recent months.


“Ford Motor Co. is set to announce new investments in three plants in Michigan, reports reveal.

The carmaker will reportedly invest a ‘significant amount’ in assembly plants in Wayne, Flat Rock, and its Romeo Engine Plant, according to The Detroit News.

The latest news of the carmaker’s U.S. expansion comes only two months after the company announced it was investing up to $700 million in its Michigan facilities.

In February, Ford CEO Mark Fields said his company’s decision to create jobs in America rather than in Mexico is a ‘vote of confidence’ in Trump’s incoming administration and the pro-business environment it will create.

Ford is not alone in re-investing in the U.S.


Also in January, General Motors announced plans to re-invest in factories in the U.S.A. and to add some 1,500 or more jobs to its labor force. The plans will include a one-billion-dollar plan to build new manufacturing lines in the U.S.”

In addition to great news for Michigan, Toyota, Fiat, Exxon Mobil, Kroger, Walmart, U.S. Steel and SoftBank Telecommunications have all announced that they, too, will be re-investing all across the country.

This is not a fluke. It is not a ploy. And it is not smoke and mirrors.

This is the real deal and a man who had never spent one, single day in the shoes of a politician before his election has now shown both the hapless Democrats and the feckless Republicans that it is actually possible to get off your butt and do the work of an elected civil servant.

Remember when Trump summarized his first tremendous week in office? THAT’S a civil servant.

We know it’s difficult to have all that money, impossibly sterling pensions, and Cadillac healthcare plans that (apparently) no one else in the country is privileged enough to enjoy, and getting all your moving expenses and travel expenses and food expenses reimbursed, but…


Pretty please with a tax break on top!

Source: Breitbart

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