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Exposed: Trump/Russia Election Conspiracy Is FALSE…We Reveal The Truth!

We’re ending this.


You’ve likely heard the news: A new report reveals that Russia launched an “influence campaign” at the U.S. presidential election, recently won by Donald Trump. This has been a subject of much discussion and argument and now, it appears the Democrats have the evidence they need:

Hillary Clinton was robbed because the Russians unfairly interceded on Trump’s behalf.

This will be the rallying cry for all liberals moving forward, guaranteed. You already see the reactions online; i.e., “Trump would never have won without Putin!,” “Hillary was robbed by the election scandal!,” “The Russians will always be our enemies!,” etc, etc, etc. Often, this is followed by the predictably smug, “we knew it all along!” crows of triumph.

Now, despite the fact that this report offers no evidence whatsoever that Russia’s “influence” had any bearing at all on the actual election voting, Democrats have indeed adopted the the belief that Trump absolutely did not win fair and square. And it’s spreading like wildfire, which is why we here at Red, White and Right are going to kill the beast before it attacks the dimwitted and easily manipulated.

First, the report makes it plain that Russia was almost entirely anti-Democrat/anti-Clinton because their tampering can be traced back to 2014, well before Donald Trump was even considered a viable nominee for the presidency. This was never about Trump at the start; this was simply about stopping the Democrats.

Second, why does what the Russians exposed about Hillary and the Democrats suddenly carry less weight? Is any of it untrue just because they illegally obtained the information? And if it is still true (of course it is), is Clinton and the rest of the Leftist party any less culpable? Any less corrupt? Any less disgusting? If WikiLeaks’ source could be confirmed to be domestic, is that somehow better?

Thirdly and most importantly, there’s one fact above all that proves Russia did little to nothing to influence the election voting. Pay attention now:

Trump’s win is arguably one of the most shocking political victories in this country’s history.

We all know this to be true. Every last liberal on earth and even most conservatives were absolutely stunned by the results of that election. The overwhelming majority never really believed Trump had any chance at all. Think about this for a second…if the Russians influenced the vote, it means they successfully influenced the minds of voters prior to the election. Trump hype would’ve been spreading.

But that isn’t what happened. The reason nobody thought Trump would win is because there WAS no “Trump hype,” artificially fueled by the Russians. And why? Because the shamefully biased media had jammed Clinton down our throats throughout the campaign; even if there had been Russian influence, it was easily drowned out by the ceaseless roar of our blatantly Leftist media.

So what if Clinton’s scandals leaked a bit? The media ignored them all or played them down or just said, “well, it’s still better than the evil that is Trump.” This is the message every last American heard, over and over and over, throughout 2016. This is why the entire world was shocked when Trump won: Because the media basically tried to make it sound impossible. No supposed leak via Russian influence had any chance of countering this.

Donald Trump won, not because of the Russians or any other desperate reason the Democrats can invent. Trump won because this country has been going in a disastrous direction for years and the American people finally spoke up. They’d grown tired of the liberal thug tactics, of the rampant elitism, horrifying hypocrisy, and insane double-standards displayed at every turn. And Hillary Clinton was a poor candidate, and that’s a colossal understatement.

Clinton lost 4/5 of the country. She won 10 states. Just because all liberals stick together (example #781 of their double-standards) and populate most of California and New York doesn’t mean the other states are somehow less valuable, simply because there are fewer people there. And ever since the Democrats lost, they’ve only proven just how nasty they really are; the unbridled and shocking hostility of these so-called “tolerant, open-minded” people is the nail in the coffin for the Leftists.

You’ve proven yourselves to be nothing more than children in adult bodies, which is precisely why we have a ton of people in this country who are just that: Children in adult bodies. The hippies never did grow up. They knew nothing about business or how to run a country in 1968 and they know even less now (if that’s humanly possible). My parents were flower children and now they’re not; any time someone asks them why they changed, the answer is always the same:

“We grew up.”

Trump won because America wanted him to win. There is no conspiracy. Russia’s “influence” was ultimately meaningless.


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