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Breaking: Trump Drops FINAL H-Bomb On Russia/Putin Conspiracy…Then DESTROYS Obama!

It’s about time this conspiracy theory bites the dust.

Remember that “intelligence document” that was basically nothing more than garbage? It was just one part of a long string of idiocy created by the left to smear President Donald Trump.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how many times Trump denies any attachments to Russia or Vladimir Putin.

He already discredited the Democrat attack per the “Russian election hack” and even so, liberals continue to point the finger and make baseless accusations. Really, it’s what they do.

Now, in perhaps one final, massive denial, President Trump has HOPEFULLY ended things, and it came after criticism that he’s drawing a “moral equivalence” between russia and the U.S.

As Fox News reported, Trump took to Twitter and dropped the following bombshell:

There, does that satisfy you, liberals?

Well, of course not. You don’t believe a thing this guy says, despite the fact that America just rejected a woman who lied as if it were a bodily function. You can’t believe Hillary if she says the sun is hot.

Anyway, Trump’s Tweet comes after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called Putin a “killer,” to which Trump replied: “You think our country’s so innocent?”

Obviously, that remark didn’t go over well with some lawmakers but then again, they’re always looking for a way to delegitimize Trump.

The report also includes Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khaenei firing back after the Trump administration put Iran “on notice” for what seems to be a direct violation of a U.N. resolution banning missile tests.

No enemy can paralyze the Iranian nation. [Trump] says ‘you should be afraid of me.’ No! The Iranian people will respond to his words on Feb. 10 and will show their stance against such threats.

I’m sorry, but didn’t he just use the word “enemy” in referencing the U.S.? And this is the same country that received BILLIONS in cash and gold from the Obama administration?

Maybe we should absolutely be putting them “on notice.” And maybe we should be keeping a VERY close eye on what they’re doing.

As for the Russia/Putin thing…just give it up, Democrats.

Source: Fox News, Donald Trump Twitter

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