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President Trump Donates Salary To An American Military Treasure, And Our Patriots Love It

On the campaign trail, the president said if elected, he wouldn’t accept payment for the job.

While he certainly doesn’t need the money, it was still a nice gesture on his part.

But the latest reports reveal that Trump is tweaking his salary promise a bit, opting to use his would-be check for charity instead of letting it fall victim to the government waste machine.

And it’s a damn good idea.

As reported at the Washington Examiner, President Trump’s first-quarter salary donation of $78,333 will go toward preserving the Civil War battlefield at Antietam, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Wednesday.

The Interior Department also said an “anonymous donor pledged $22,000 to bring the president’s $78,333 donation to an even $100,000.”

As both the secretary of the interior and a military veteran, I’m deeply honored and humbled to deliver the donation to Antietam National Battlefield on behalf of President Trump,” Zinke said.

Visiting the hallowed ground the day after Independence Day is incredibly moving and it underscores the importance of why we must preserve these historic grounds.”

He added, “The president’s donation will allow generations of Americans to learn about our history and heritage on this sacred site.”

The National Park Service needs all the donations it can get, considering it’s suffering from a $12 billion maintenance backlog.

Preserving the integrity of our national parks is a cause that both conservatives and liberals should be able to get behind, but recent evidence suggests that the Left only wants to preserve certain aspects of our history.

In the South, we’ve seen radical leftists lead the charge to dismantle monuments tied to the Confederacy, in a bid to erase Southern identity and revise history.


For Trump’s part, while the donation from the president isn’t huge, the issue he chose to support speaks volumes.

Far better for Trump to allocate his salary to righteous causes than let that money go to waste on some useless program.

And it will be interesting to see what he chooses next, as his choices will likely get a short-term donation boost from the extra attention.

Hopefully, causes such as this one will receive the attention they deserve as a result of the President’s generosity.

Source: Washington Examiner

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