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Bombshell: Trump Launches Markets Into The STRATOSPHERE…America Feeling Great Again!

President Donald Trump has a LOT on his plate.

He’s got missiles from Iran flying into the stratosphere (scary, yes?), for instance, and he has endless streams of Democrats and Liberals losing their freakin’ minds over any and all executive orders.

It’s a roaring start for our new commander-in-chief and yet, certain individuals are still predicting doom and gloom.

Doesn’t matter that in his first 24 hours, he saved the American people nearly $200 billion. There’s a way to put a negative spin on that, right leftists? I’m sure you can do it.

Oh, but it gets so much worse for Trump and America…have we forgotten?

UNDOCUMENTED Democrats are shielded in Sanctuary Cities by ELECTED Democrats (for the moment)

UNREGISTERED COLLEGE STUDENT Democrats are following their REGISTERED Democrat teachers and professors into the streets for safe space daytime protests

THUG PROVOCATEUR Democrats (bought and paid for by the Hillary, Obama & George Soros (HOGS) Funding Corporation) roam the streets at night to undergo plate glass testing, fire-starting capabilities, and free speech utilization toward armed riot police

CELEBRITY Democrats use their elite and super-rich status to lecture the rest of America just how terrible we all have it now that Trump is president (for all of 12 days), the Commander-in-Chief is busy elsewhere actually doing something of value.

And despite it all, Trump has overcome yet another massive stumbling block America has been tripping over for years.

The strangling and ultimately lethal tendrils of Barack Obama’s economic feebleness were felt far and wide within the financial circles of money and stocks corporations across the nation. But now…

Allen B. West:

“President Trump is working to reverse that course, and much of what he’s doing has caught the attention of investors who are hoping the policy talk coming from the administration will improve stockpicking.

Reuters is reporting:

A dizzying stream of market-moving tweets and policy talk by President Donald Trump is finding a hopeful but anxious audience among professional investors looking to make stockpicking great again.

After years of losing ground to index funds, portfolio managers and wealth advisers say Trump’s assertive moves, like singling out individual companies, may create a chance to set their investment strategies apart – even if they think some of Trump’s verbal assaults are just bluster. ‘If he’s going to create volatility, we’re going to take advantage of it,’ said Ross Gerber, president of California wealth management firm Gerber Kawasaki Inc.”

And so, even the simplest of Tweets by President Trump appear to be doing more for the INHERITED struggling Obama economy than an entire eight years’ worth of tinkering by a Commander-in-Chief who apparently couldn’t identify the difference between a 50-cent-piece and a $1T coin!

Ah, yes…you hoped we’d forgotten about that one, didn’t you?

“Trump’s pledge to shake up regulations affecting sectors such as finance, autos and healthcare, as well as his promise to cut taxes, could create big corporate winners and losers. That could give active fund managers an opportunity, in theory, to showcase their skills.

‘This administration was elected with many people hoping for change, and that’s going to upset the apple cart with old losers coming back in favor,’ said Scott Schermerhorn, chief executive of Granite Investment Advisors in New Hampshire.”

The amount of money that will be pumped into the American economy over the next 4 years will make every Liberal’s head explode.

Not that they’ll admit it, mind you, but every last one of these protesting, trash-talking Democrats will be living high on the hog in a Trump economy! He’s already added a whopping $2 TRILLION in wealth to the stock market, so…

Thank you, Mr. President!

Source: Allen B. West, Reuters

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