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Gay Trump Supporter OBLITERATES Liberal Student For Calling Him A "White Supremacist" [WATCH]

Milo Yiannoploulos, Breitbart’s blunt-talking gay, conservative voice, didn’t take but a few quick moments to tear down and destroy the logic of a left-leaning student who interrupted his speech at a recent Miami University event.

Why does the left even bother to mess with those on the right who have logic and sane thoughts? They can’t compete. It’s like conservatives are Alice and lefties are the Mad Hatter’s tea party participants.

Insane, meet sane.

Breitbart has the story:

“At a talk at the Hiami University, Ohio, MILO, Breitbart’s resident gay thot, was interrupted by a student who accused him of ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘white supremacy,’ until he was shut down by MILO.”

The student, who self-identified as Democrat, said MILO was hypocritical for condemning Islam and that religion’s treatment of gays, but not Catholics for creating “the word “faggot,” at a time “when gay people were burned at the stake.”

The student also slammed MILO for media bias, and for using his platform to advance an “alt-right” message.

And MILO’s response?

“So do you think the New York Times is unbiased? … You should go and listen to me, and listen to feminists and BLM activists,” he said.

MILO also slung the f-bomb, telling the student, who had whispered “white supremacy” under his breath, “f— you, how dare you call me a white supremacist,” Breitbart reported.

“White supremacists hate me,” MILO said. “They say they’ll never read Breitbart again until Breitbart fires me. They said I was their number on enemy.”

Source: Breitbart

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