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Massive: Trump Team Drops SAVAGE H-Bomb On Iran…This Is Beyond Explosive!

The new president doesn’t take threats lightly.

Donald Trump has already proven his mettle, signing a variety of huge executive orders that have totally rocked Washington; the new regulation rules (one in, two out) is a huge favorite among Americans.

Furthermore, it seems clear that many citizens absolutely approve of Trump’s big-time maneuvers, so our commander-in-chief shouldn’t be afraid to flex some serious muscle.

Democrats and liberals are finding out the hard way that President Trump won’t be bullied or browbeaten, and other countries should take notice as well.

Iran, I’m looking at you…

According to Fox News, Trump’s national security adviser isn’t playing games; he says the administration has put Iran “on notice” for testing that ballistic missile a few days ago.

Translation: We…are…watching you.

Michael Flynn told reporters Wednesday that the Trump administration ‘condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East that puts American lives at risk.’

He added that the Obama administration failed to “respond adequately” to this potential threat and as such, “Iran is now feeling emboldened.”

No way, really?

Is this the same country to which Obama sent BILLIONS in cash and gold, not to mention tons of raw uranium? Gee, no wonder they didn’t “respond adequately.”

Earlier this week, a defense official said a missile test ended with a “failed” re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere and though there were no other public details, it’s obviously enough to evoke some concern.

Despite what Obama and the rest of the crazed liberals say, Iran should NEVER be considered America’s ally.

Believing Kumbaya nonsense like that can cost, and has cost, American lives. No more.

Source: Fox News

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