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President Trump Nails Transgenders With Explosive Order – Liberals Instantly Go Nuts

The transgender issue has exploded in 2017.

Liberals have pushed this agenda for years but it has really taken off in recent months, primarily due to the debate over whether or not transgenders should be allowed in the military.

Obviously, the Leftists believe transgenders should be allowed to do and say anything, as they’re not merely equal to the rest of us, but in need of preferential treatment. You know, reparations and all that.

Unfortunately for the raving Democrats, the new administration doesn’t necessarily believe that transgenders should be able to do “anything,” and that includes serve in the armed forces.

While the Army forces its members to take transgender sensitivity training now (an advent that makes most veterans sick), Washington is working to erase the problem: By erasing transgenders from the military.

President Donald Trump just dropped a series of explosive Tweets concerning this issue and unsurprisingly, liberals are absolutely losing their minds.

Doesn’t get any bigger or bolder than that.

The key words in those Tweets are “costs” and “disruption.” The untold cost of dealing with this major snafu is utterly absurd and taxpayers should NOT have to ante up.

Furthermore, the disruption these people cause is nothing short of insane, and all it does is lessen the military’s overall focus on that which actually matters: The protection of our country.

Prior to this, the military put a temporary six-month hold on recruiting transgender soldiers. Now it appears Trump is taking it one step further and it’s exactly what Americans wanted to hear.

We cannot allow the political correctness that has effectively crippled an entire country to cripple our armed forces as well. We’re already weakened; we can’t afford to be any weaker.

Done and done.

Source: Fox News, Donald Trump Twitter

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