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Breaking: President Trump Delivers BRUTAL Ultimatum…Liberals Are In Panic Mode!

You know, if your city is a freakin’ warzone, something needs to be done.

We all know just how bad Chicago has gotten, as various disgusting reports have been rolling in over the past year or so. And so far, it looks like the city is completely incapable of cleaning things up.

That’s why President Donald Trump has issued an ultimatum to the city, which really has been a long time coming.

Thankfully, Trump has the gumption to take the necessary steps if the city doesn’t respond; this is one president who isn’t afraid to flex some serious muscle. Hell, he just declared full-on war on illegal immigration with his most recent executive order, and the evidence of hardly ends there.

He has also frozen all pending regulations so his team has a chance to review them, a move that annoyed many Democrats. Still, it absolutely needed to be done; there’s a whole LOT that requires a close review.

Now, in a bombshell Tweet, the new president warned Chicago leaders that unless they act fast, the federal government will step up:

This came after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel criticized the Trump administration for talking too much about the size of the inauguration crowd. And Emanuel is “straight up” against the idea of the National Guard coming in.

But there comes a time when drastic measures are needed. If the situation continues to get worse and it becomes clear that city authorities have no control, that’s the time the federal government needs to step in.

And really, this particular mayor really shouldn’t be criticizing ANYONE for ANY reason. Your city is a colossal sh**hole. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror before we do you a favor and fix it for you.

What do you think, fellow Americans?

Source: Western Journalism, Donald Trump Twitter

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