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BOOM: Trump Just Dropped A Badass Ultimatum…Stop The Violence Or ELSE!

You tell ’em, Donald!

President-elect Trump hasn’t even taken over the White House yet, but he’s making one thing abundantly clear: A few things that have blossomed under President Obama’s watch aren’t going to cut it under Trump’s.

What are they?

One, obviously, is the departure of businesses from American soil to points south of the border (and elsewhere). Trump’s already proven his ability to keep companies like Indiana’s Carrier from leaving for Mexico, and he’s similarly slowed the gravy train on corporations like Boeing that wanted to pick taxpayers’ pockets to the tune of billions of dollars for a new Air Force One plane. And hey, how’s about that awesome Ford news?

Okay, so there’s that. But here’s another area Trump’s weighing in on and saying, in essence: “Hey my administration ain’t gonna play that.”

It’s Chicago and the windy city’s crime rate; or, more specifically, it’s 2016 gun-related fatality and incident rate, which is just out of control. It’s despicable: 762 murders this past year alone, due to shootings, and 4,331 shooting victims in 2016 in total.

As Trump tweeted:

“Chicago murder rate is record setting,” The Daily Mail reported. “If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”

In other words, Trump is setting long-time Clinton family friend and Democratic bigwig-turned-Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel on notice and saying: Either clean up the violence in your city or the federal government is going to swoop in and do it for you.

Funny, the feds under President Obama intervened in local policing and local jurisdictions all the time – to help the likes of Black Lives Matter protesters take on white police and overhaul and manage local law enforcement agencies and departments.

But why didn’t they go to Chicago to help clean up the gang warfare and ridiculously dangerous streets?

Or, better yet, why didn’t the Democrats who always cry for more gun control after shooting incidents point to Chicago, where gun control is the strictest in the nation, and decry the fact that gun control obviously doesn’t work?

Don’t answer that. We already know: Because it didn’t suit Democratic agenda.

Well, move over leftist agenda. Apparently there is a new sheriff in town named Trump, and he’s gunning – no pun intended – for Chicago, to clean its streets of violence.

Source: the Daily Mail

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