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Just In: Trump Nails Corrupt UN With 1 HUGE Ultimatum…He’s Going To Make HISTORY!

President Donald Trump has not been on good terms with the United Nations.

He has been battling with the UN since he took office and now, it appears the tenuous situation has reached a boiling point.

The London terror attacks have escalated things as well and Europe is in a definite crisis, one our commander-in-chief wants to avoid. He also wants things to change.

Trump has made it plain:

If the UN doesn’t implement several big reforms and reverse what the Trump administration calls a clear “anti-Israel bias,” the President may do something drastic.

According to a Reuters report, this might mean abandoning the UN council:

The United States is expected to signal on Tuesday that it might withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council unless reforms are ushered in including the removal of what it sees as an ‘anti-Israel bias’, diplomats and activists said.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, who holds cabinet rank in President Donald Trump’s administration, said last week Washington would decide on whether to withdraw from the Council after its three-week session in Geneva ends this month.

This would follow Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Accord, which liberals like Nancy Pelosi just detested.

Leaving the UN wouldn’t make Trump any more popular, either, but let’s not forget that Washington boycotted the Council for three years under President George W. Bush.

Obama brought us back (big surprise there), though many groups say a U.S. withdrawal would be “counterproductive” because if it happens, the uN would just “unfairly target Israel to an even greater degree.”

Yes, well, Trump likes to send bold messages to the world. And honestly, it wouldn’t get any bolder than this…

Source: Reuters

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