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FINALLY! Trump Just Gave The U.S. Military EXACTLY What It Needs To Destroy ISIS!

You know what the U.S. military needs to properly battle terrorism?


Plus, you need a military boss you can trust, which President Donald Trump absolutely has.

In order to better combat ISIS, our president has just let the military off the chain, so-to-speak. He has given Secretary of Defense James Mattis carte blanche to do what he pleases with troop allocation overseas.

This is a change from the Barack Obama years, where the focus on troop levels limited commanders who were trying to achieve more significant goals. Trump, however, is more interested in results.

This is why he has just handed the reigns to Mattis.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump has delegated authority to decide troop levels in the fight against ISIS to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Mattis will now be allowed to set U.S. troop levels in Iraq and Syria in accordance with mission needs. Mattis’s new authority also comes after the Pentagon’s late March decision to no longer announce how many troops are headed to the ISIS fight. 

‘It’s about capabilities not numbers,’ CENTCOM spokesman Army Col. John Thomas told reporters at the time.

Furthermore, Pentagon spokesman Dana White said this lets military leaders be “more agile, adaptive and efficient in supporting our partners, and enables decisions that benefit unit readiness, cohesion and lethality.”

That’s right, ISIS: We’re coming for you and this time, we won’t be held back by Obama, who very well may have PROTECTED terrorists during his tenure.

The bottom line is that our military can now do more; they aren’t constrained and they have the freedom to operate, and operate quickly.

This is exactly what needed to happen because our enemy doesn’t believe in rules. It’s long past time America took the gloves off!

Source: Daily Caller

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