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Trump Scores Massive Victory…Another Iconic American Company Is Staying Home!

Know how President Obama kept telling the American people for eight years how great the economy was?

Well, the reason he had to keep saying it is because it wasn’t – as we so recently discovered – so he had to try and overcompensate for this failing by making it seem like those who disagreed were crazy.

So now comes Donald Trump and lo and behold, the jobs are starting to flow. He doesn’t even have to say much; already the economy’s improved.

And when we say the economy has improved, we mean it actually HAS improved; this is in stark contrast to Obama’s bragging exposed as lies. You know, the whole bit about creating more jobs when in fact, the job market is worse than it ever has been before.

Now, look at this, from Conservative Tribune:

“[A] major power tool manufacturer announced it would move manufacturing back to the U.S from overseas. On Thursday, Stanley Black & Decker said that it would construct a new $35 million factory after its acquisition of the Craftsman brand of tools from Sears.”

Stanley is buying Craftsman from Sears for around $900 million.

CEO James Loree told investors he had decided to take the action because it made good “business sense” in the face of a shaky U.S.-China trade relationship, and in the face of uncertain trade atmosphere with Mexico.

Know what else he said?

“It’s going to be advisable to have more manufacturing in the U.S.,” Loree said, Conservative Tribune reported.

Ah. Music to our ears! And why?

Because Trump, as part of his vow to “Make America Great Again,” has threatened over and over to place tariffs on products from those businesses that are overseas but want to sell inside America.

Craftsman is mostly manufactured overseas but it won’t be for long. Just 50 years ago, it was a solid U.S.-made product. Now thanks to Trump, and the fact the regulating-loving President Obama is about to depart the high office, an American brand is due to head back to where it belongs, America.

And that’s not all: The manufacturer said it was going to add about 1,200 new jobs to America’s economy over the next three years.

Welcome home.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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