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BREAKING: Trump Victory Causes Sickening Revolt…Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

You have to give it to the left – they sure do know how to hold on to a delusion.

Seriously, you would think the election’s been over for nearly six weeks or so, the Republican candidate won, it’s time for Democrats to move on and go home. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

But first there came the three-state recount – an utter failure. Then there came the insistence on a Russian-hacked election – another failure. Then came the all-courts-press for the electors to betray Donald Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton.

And on Monday, when the electors gathered to vote, it was this small die-hard hopeful progressive-minded bunch who still stood tall, waiting for an answer to their prayer – the one that said, please, anybody but Trump. In Wisconsin, there was quite a group of these anti-Trumpers who gathered to watch the casting of the electoral ballots.


And bluntly, they should’ve stayed home.

“Wisconsin’s 10 presidential electors on Monday cast their ballots unanimously for President-elect Donald Trump, a sign that the Republican’s confirmation as the next president of the United States is likely imminent,” Independent Journal Review reported. “That reality was apparently highly upsetting for a group of anti-Trump demonstrators who disrupted the Wisconsin electors meeting after the ballots were cast.”

What a disaster for the left.

Police were ultimately called to escort them from the building. These are supposed to be the peaceful, tolerant, open-minded, enlightened people in our society, correct? Then why is it they’re caught acting like brats and even common criminals when they don’t get their own way? Could it be because they’re responsible for the fact that far too many adults never actually grew up?

Buckle up, GOP. This is going to be a long, fiery four years.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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