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Trump Stunned By Incredible Vote Of Confidence…You Won’t Believe Who Loves The Donald!

How many of us fell for that “Hillary is turning out the Hispanic vote in huge numbers” lie?

Fortunately, we still voted, despite the attempt by the pollsters and the media to portray Trump as some sort of Latino-repellent.

As it turns out, Trump won with a good portion of the Hispanic base and that was for many reasons. Seventy-eight-year-old Fernando DeBaca, a Hispanic-American from New Mexico stated, via Fox News:

“Trump reminds me of Ronald Reagan. [My wife and I] supported Trump from the day he announced. … We believed in him, believed that he had the right message. It’s a totally different world we live in today compared to when I was advocating. People were stable, hard-working and were Americans first and Hispanics second.”

De Baca added that “years of leftist policies promoting victimization and entitlement over positive messages of equality have caused America to regress.”

Oh, let’s pause a moment for some applause!


And let’s remember one critical fact, here: De Baca was the Hispanic Affairs Advisor to three presidents, Nixon, Ford and Reagan.

More from Fox News:

“After his decades of working to advance fellow Hispanics in the workforce, De Baca looks upon current racial strife in America and says his former bosses would be disappointed. Years of leftist policies, he said, have fostered a type of anti-patriotism with millions of school children being taught an abbreviated version of history that leaves out core values.

He voiced concern that welfare policies are becoming the draw for immigrants to America, rather than a desire to ‘work’ and ‘assimilate’ here.”

If Trump isn’t calling this guy today and offering him a job…any job…it would be a big mistake. Mr. DeBaca has nailed it with precise language and an intimate working knowledge of the difference between the Right way to do things and the Leftist “Idiocracy” way.

America needs more good men and women like Fernando DeBaca. Thanks for your faithful service!

Source: Fox News

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