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SHOCK POLL: Trump vs. Warren For President In 2020…Here’s Who Would Win Right NOW!

Who wins, Donald Trump or Elizabeth Warren?

Yeah, that might actually be a preview of the 2020 presidential election and frankly, that’s sort of a wacky battle.

It’s not as silly as Obama thinking he could’ve beaten Trump if he’d been allowed to run for a third term, but it’s darn close.

So, what if we put the two potential candidates into a mock war right now? What would happen? How would America vote?

Well, this reminds me of a by-mail game I created back in the ’90s, called “Celebrity Olympics.”

Basically, it involved compiling a vast list of celebrities, separated by gender and then coming up with different silly Olympic sports in which these celebrities would compete.

As you might imagine, the game reached epic levels as all my friends were betting on the winners with virtual money! The write-ups for the battles were hilarious and, even though these types of competitions would never really take place, it was fun to watch your favorites move up through the brackets.

Politico and Morning Consult got together in a pseudo-incestuous endeavor this week and created a faux-presidential race between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren for the 2020 election.

The results were surprising.

Red State:

Trump bests Warren 42 percent to 36 percent, with 22 percent undecided. Warren has a combined 37 percent favorable rating to a combined 30 percent unfavorable rating; 20 percent view her very favorably, and 20 percent view her very unfavorably. Amazingly, 18 percent of those polled have heard of her but have no opinion, while 16 percent don’t know who she is.

This is just one poll, it’s not focused on swing states (where the contest would, in actuality be fought), and it does show plenty of room for Warren to improve her standing.”

Interestingly enough, despite Warren showing up at the star-studded Hate America First…I mean, Women’s March on Babies…er, Washington…I get so confused.

Despite that appearance in her pink Planned-Parenthood-Demands-Taxpayer-Dollars scarf and matching ear muffs, she didn’t seem to generate any more interest in her presidential run as she railed against Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell.

Additionally, her little letter-reading stunt in the Congressional hearings has actually been counterproductive to her virtual run for the presidency.

Well, it’s better than either Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters running, right? …sorry if I just gave you nightmares.

The “deep” bench of the Democrats appears not to be referring to the amount of all-stars they have lined up ready to go against the Trumpster, but rather how far their heads are below the surface of the water.

Might be time for a really LONG snorkeling breathing tube!

Source: Red State

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