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Explosive: Trump Rocks Washington With MAMMOTH Proposal…America Is Cheering!

President Donald Trump loves the American economy.


Because he loves the American people. He has done more for this country’s business operations than Obama did in eight damn years, plain and simple. It has just been one gargantuan deal after another and everyone is looking forward to a very bright future.

After all, there’s a very good reason why business optimism has skyrocketed, and why both foreign and domestic companies are looking at the U.S. with an eager eye.

Now, another wonderfully promising statement from our new commander-in-chief:

According to a breaking CNBC report, Trump told business leaders today that he believes he can slash regulations by 75% or “maybe more.”

He’s not deviating from his campaign promise, that’s for damn sure. He also made it clear that the rules in question will be “just as protective of the people,” despite continued concern from Democrats and various interest groups. The latter are worried about rolling back environmental protection plans established under Obama, for instance.

But the U.S. economy is in such a deplorable condition (that’s the correct usage of the word “deplorable,” Hillary) that the Trump administration needs to do something. Fast. We can’t have companies running away to other countries because our insanely over-the-top regulations are strangling them to death.

Also during today’s meeting that included corporate bosses like Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Trump repeated campaign promises to cut taxes for businesses, saying he wants to drop the business rate by “anywhere from 15 to 20 percent.” That’s in stark contrast from the current 35 percent.

American manufacturing and renegotiating trade deals are a big part of Trump’s plan, though he doesn’t want to abandon free trade:

“‘What we want to do is bring manufacturing back to our country,’ Trump said. ‘That doesn’t mean we don’t trade because we do trade. We want to make our products here.’

After the meeting, Dow Chemical boss Andrew Liveris said the executives would come together again after 30 days, and they’d trade ideas to help boost American manufacturing.

Damn STRAIGHT. Barack Obama put the jobs market into a terrifying tailspin and the country really needs a shot in the arm…one where work, pride, and what used to be “good old-fashioned American determination” is front-and-center.


Source: CNBC

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