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Donald Trump Muscles Up, Makes AWESOME Addition To White House…Liberals Are Furious!

Trump breaks tradition again by transferring his personal security director from NYC to the White House!

The alarms are going off and it’s getting quite difficult to keep from yawning, but Politico believes it has nabbed a compelling story about Trump and his penchant for breaking rules and shooting from the hip.

Donald Trump has opted to hire as his Oval Office security director, Keith Schiller, who has served as the President-elect’s bodyguard in the past. Schiller currently heads a private security force and will now be working in tandem with the secret service in Washington.

Of course, this has Politico’s panties all in a bunch:

“The Secret Service traditionally takes full control of managing security around presidents-elect and presidents, with local police sometimes assisting at public events.

Trump, though, enlisted his private detail to work a series of victory rallies he held after the election and was expected to keep some members of his team on after the inauguration. According to experts, such an arrangement is unprecedented in recent history; some former officials raised concerns that the mix of private security officials and Secret Service agents could increase confusion, liability and risk in general.”

But what are you REALLY concerned with, Politico?

“Schiller will also bring some legal baggage with him to the White House — Schiller and four of his subordinates in the Trump security operation are the subjects of an ongoing lawsuit winding its way through New York State courts accusing them of assaulting a handful of protesters during a raucous protest outside the campaign’s Manhattan headquarters in September 2015.”

Oh, we see…it’s really the accusations of assaults you’re worried about. Some would wonder why it is that Politico is not at all concerned about the destruction of property, the looting of businesses, and the endangering of police officers during anti-Trump protests in cities across the nation. No, we must focus on a “raucous” protest where Schiller may have struck one (or more) protesters.

Protesters, by the way, who were bought and paid for by Hillary’s henchman and prime hate-promoter, Robert Creamer (for which he lost his job) after a hidden video by O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” was released.

As Creamer bragged about causing all kinds of chaos at Trump rallies, Schiller was busy trying to protect then-candidate Trump from (what he perceived to be) real enemies. But, by all means, Politico, let’s talk about Schiller’s baggage.

One thing of which we should be assured: If it is something that causes the Liberals to lose their minds over, it must be the Right move. Rock on, Donald!

Source: Politico

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