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Trump’s Congress Speech Did One Thing NOBODY Expected…And The Libs Are FURIOUS

It is definitely true that the mainstream media has been utterly defeated by everyday citizens.

Essentially, the media conglomerate no longer holds the trust of the American people.

By now, everyone knows how the liberal-leaning media LIED about Trump’s early approval ratings. And it should come as no surprise, as they fed Americans heavily skewed polls throughout 2016.

It used to be that any news issuing from an anchor was immediately believed, trusted, and thoroughly thought to be the absolute 100% truth.

Well, the media has pulled a complete 180, and now they face an uphill battle to win back the trust of the American public. Maybe accurately reporting the facts is a good start…? Trump and Co. would be all for that, as would our citizens.

For instance, did you know the overwhelming majority of those who watched Trump’s first Congressional address felt “more optimistic” after the speech? And did you know that CNN actually delivered that news?


Despite all this, the networks are making a ton of money off of Trump. He is the one saving grace for the mainstream media. And as much as it pains them to have to cover every word he utters, they know that his presence on their news broadcasts make the bean-counters in their corporate offices very happy.

Western Journalism:

“President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night was astonishingly well-received by the American people, according to a CNN/ORC poll.

The vast majority of viewers — 69 percent — said they felt “more optimistic” after watching Trump speech. Just 28 percent said they felt “more pessimistic” after the address.

Trump also earned respect from strange places, including former Obama adviser Van Jones.

That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics. Period,’ Jones said after the speech.

Apparently, there are still some things that can unite Republicans and Democrats.”

Maybe it’s a little jaded, but perhaps Van Jones and Rachel Maddow (who called the Democrat response to Trump’s speech “small and stunty”) were notified by their upper management that they should go easy on the Trumpster so that they could recover some of the lost revenue of the past eight years during Obama’s reign.

There are only so many times we can expose the liberal media’s horrendous bias. At some point, they HAVE to fix themselves…right?

Source: Western Journalism

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