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Exposed: MASSIVE Truth Bomb Detonates On Women’s March…Liberals Are Furious!

The Women’s March on Washington was supposed to represent the rights of females everywhere.

You know, a sort of catchall affair that centered on showing the importance of equality between the genders and how America’s still failing on that point.

…at least, that’s what organizers wanted the public to believe.

Instead, the march was little more than an anti-Donald Trump rally, with women flashing poster boards against the newly seated president with messages like “Dump Trump.” And what about the leader having ties to a terrorist organization? Any defense, liberals?

Anyway, the speakers were even more blunt and bold. Madonna, for instance, talked about her reaction to Trump by saying she’d thought about blowing up the White House, which landed  her in appropriately hot water.

Interesting to note:

The march received MASSIVE media coverage. Yet, hours later, another march in Washington, D.C., went forth with far less media coverage – the March for Life – even though the crowd numbered in the tens of thousands.

Yeah, the liberal media wasn’t interested in showing that. No, of course not.

But thanks to Trump, who kind of shamed CNN’s David Muir into recognizing the lacking media coverage of the March for Life, at least one journalist for the network broadcast live on scene – and what she said was rather surprising.

This, from The Blaze:

“[CNN’s Brianna]Keilar and CNN were forced to put the March for Life on the same political footing as the Women’s March on Washington. Equally surprising is the fact that the Women’s March on Washington is already being described as a “liberal women’s march” even by an outlet such as CNN. Instead of being a nonpartisan protest by all women against the tyranny of Trump, all the work and effort put into the Women’s March has been relegated, in the space of less than a week, to a partisan liberal protest that was most prominently associated with Planned Parenthood.


So all that work the March on Washington did to present itself as bipartisan, open-minded, unbiased, non-political – simply focused on women’s issues and women’s rights, and only storming Washington, D.C., in order to present grievances to political leaders of both parties, not just one – was thrown out the window with one quick broadcast.

In one fell swoop, the March on Washington was tied to Planned Parenthood, a program with almost more scandals and atrocities than Barack Obama.

Liberals never do learn, do they?

The November elections, where the left lost almost everything, were just a few weeks ago. But they still can’t accept the fact that Trump won the White House, and – surprise, surprise – is staying in the high office.

They’re really, really going to have to stop whining. Or is that all liberals know how to do?

Source: The Blaze

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